State Report Card Analysis

Extract positive messages through a more accurate analysis of state report card data, all in one turn-key and easy to understand PDF for board and community reporting.

Watch this video and learn about ECRA's State Report Card Analysis and see how we create this powerful state report card analysis.

Why use this report?

To tell a more accurate story of your school district

Simply reporting percentages from the state report card does not give the full picture of student achievement. Metrics reported on the state report card need to be put in context so that the board and community have a more complete picture of how the district is performing. ECRA’s State Report Card Analysis converts raw report card metrics to percentiles that are easier to communicate, easier to understand, more accurate, and more contextualized.

ECRA Analysis

To answer important questions

Percentiles can be used to compare performance across indicators and over time to answer important questions such as:

  • What is the relationship between district spending and student achievement?
  • How have our demographics shifted?
  • How has our learning environment evolved?

To save time

Analyzing data on the state report card takes significant time and energy, even for the most productive data scientist. Let the experts at ECRA provide a simple to understand analysis that can be immediately shared with the board and community by a trusted third party.

What format is the report delivered?

This report, custom created for your district, will be delivered to you as a PDF file. The PDF has editable sections so that you may customize and save with the explanations your board and community needs.

Report Cost: $2,500.00

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