Equity Through Impact

While equity initiatives take on many forms within school districts, we believe that equity can only be demonstrated by scientifically documenting the impact that equity efforts are having on student outcomes.

As a long-standing school solutions partner of AASA, ECRA helps schools measure the effectiveness of their equity policies to ensure students of all backgrounds are afforded the opportunities they deserve.

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How is the pandemic impacting equity at school districts?

Student Growth is Changing Asymmetrically

The asymmetric effects of the pandemic have amplified the call to action for all districts to assess the role they will play in supporting an equitable recovery. The COVID-19 pandemic is likely the largest leadership challenge school leaders will face in their career, specifically as it relates to ensuring student equity.

ECRA’s ongoing research on unfinished learning and growth recovery can help guide school districts as they develop evidence-based recovery solutions to unfinished learning.


How can your school district respond?

Personalized Academic Growth Monitoring

Academic growth is an important student outcome to assess the progress of individual students, and to assess the effectiveness of equity initiatives. That said, not all student growth measures are the same. As an industry, we need to move beyond comparing student growth rates to national or state averages, toward student growth that compares students to themselves in a personalized way. This is accomplished by setting growth projections for students based on their own longitudinal profile. This shifts the conversation from comparing students or groups of students to each other toward a growth mindset that rewards students showing continuous improvement.

ECRA’s personalized student growth analytics help districts monitor student progress and document the impact of equity-related programs and interventions.

Contact ECRA

If you are interested in learning more about how ECRA’s analytic expertise and commitment to equity can help your district innovate and develop evidence-based equity policies to ensure all students are afforded the opportunities they deserve, please connect with us.

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