Ready or Not: A Broader Definition

Measuring student success requires moving beyond standardized test scores toward a multidimensional and personalized set of indicators that collectively capture a more modern definition of readiness, empowering students to take ownership of their learning by aligning competencies, interests, motivations and aspirations.

Trust the Process

Out of all of the variables that make a difference in the selection of a new Superintendent one of the most important to the success of a search is the process to be used. By utilizing a systematic approach to developing the desired characteristics of the next leader, vetting the candidates against that criteria, methodically considering the strengths and areas of concern for each candidate, and engaging in a facilitated conversation about which candidate is the best fit for the District; the Board significantly increases the likelihood of selecting a candidate who can lead the District now and well into the future.

Leadership and Return on Investment

SCHOOL DISTRICT LEADERS face challenges when they attempt to document the relationship between costs and quality. Return on investment analysis is motivated by the strategic intentions of school boards and leadership to increase quality and optimize resource allocation. No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and state accountability laws have shaped a definition of…