Update Your Resume

Thinking about a Job Search this Year – Seven Things to Do Now!

Having a current resume ready to go is essential, as you want to be ready to submit your resume when you see a vacancy you want to pursue or when a search consultant recruits you. Resumes should be accurate, flawless, and succinct. Be sure to have it proofed by someone who is an excellent proofreader and did not help to write it. The last thing you want is an error on your resume. Also be sure dates, titles, district names are all completely accurate and match what the District would say about you. Be prepared that some search firms and districts do not want resumes. They will have you submit the same information on their applications, which are usually submitted via their websites. Having an updated resume as a word document will permit you to cut and past the requested information into their applications and will save a significant amount of time retyping that information.

Trust the Process

Out of all of the variables that make a difference in the selection of a new Superintendent one of the most important to the success of a search is the process to be used. By utilizing a systematic approach to developing the desired characteristics of the next leader, vetting the candidates against that criteria, methodically considering the strengths and areas of concern for each candidate, and engaging in a facilitated conversation about which candidate is the best fit for the District; the Board significantly increases the likelihood of selecting a candidate who can lead the District now and well into the future.