ECRA Remote Learning Solutions

First and foremost, we hope all school communities remain healthy and safe throughout this school year. The following solutions are designed to support district and school leaders with continuous improvement to remote learning, as well as provide a scientific method to measuring learning loss and growth recovery.

  • COVID-19 Impact Analysis
    ECRA’s COVID-19 Impact Analysis scientifically evaluates the impact that remote learning and school closures has had on student learning. Documenting learning loss is important, as the effects of school closures on learning loss are likely differential and asymmetric, resulting in large losses for some students and negligible losses for others. This brief video provides additional insights into measuring learning loss and growth recovery of students.
  • Remote Learning Survey
    Gather feedback from students, parents, and staff about their remote learning experience this school year. ECRA will provide the district a report that aggregates the feedback of stakeholders to support continuous quality improvement. Remote Learning Survey

These are unprecedented times and ECRA Group is committed to supporting district leadership with their information needs. Contact us at